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Sectional doors for loading bays: which ones to choose?

Pubblicato il 14 March 2023
Sectional doors for loading bays: which ones to choose?

Loading bays are substantially composed of the following equipment: rampssealants and industrial closures.

In previous articles, we have listed the advice for choosing the best sealants and the best loading ramps, differentiating them by models, features and performance.

Today, we analyze the third element that completes a loading bay: sectional doors .

What is the best type of sectional door for my loading and unloading docks? Let’s answer this question.


Campisa sectional doors are designed to optimize the work of the operators at the goods loading and unloading points, isolating and separating the spaces between the external environment of the building and the internal one.

This type of industrial closure for inlets is also the key element for guaranteeing safety and energy saving from heat dispersion.

Thanks to their structure of Sandwich panels about 40 cm thick, Campisa sectional closures offer a high degree of thermal insulation, protecting goods from dangerous temperature changes.

Here are the types of sectional doors available in our catalogue:

Sectional door with Fidelity® hydraulic engine

Thanks to the innovative Fidelity® electro-hydraulic control console, it is possible to operate the industrial closure with a single hydraulic command.

Thanks to this mechanism patented by Campisa, all the maintenance interventions imposed by traditional spring doors are eliminated, with associated economic savings and an increase in performance and safety.


Sectional door with Fidelity® hydraulic engine

Campisadoor spring balanced sectional door

This spring-balanced closure for loading bays opens and closes manually without any effort and is the perfect solution to guarantee its opening without the engagement of the lateral spaces, with an excellent insulating power ideal for every logistical need.


Air tight, hydraulic, motorized sectional doors

The Gas Tight sectional door with hydraulic lifting is a key product in the Campisa catalogue, specially designed to respond to thermal insulation problems in the food sector, where it is typically required for fruit ripening cells.

Thanks to special gaskets, the Gas Tight sectional door is able to eliminate the passage of air between two environments, which could damage the products during their transfer across the loading docks.



Sectional doors are an essential element for optimizing work on loading bays and insulating rooms from sudden changes in temperature.

Campisa innovations also allow you to optimize costs related to maintenance: the patented Fidelity system not only allows you to optimize performance and safety during work, but also guarantees significant energy savings during the opening and closing of sectional doors .

So how much do Campisa sectional doors cost? Ask our technicians directly by filling out the form below or by calling the free toll-free number.

In 24 hours we will be able to provide you with our best offer and you can organize an inspection with one of our specialized technicians, to define the best solution for your needs.