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Recessed loading docks


Recessed loading docks

Campisa special recessed loading bays are the best solutions for cold chain management.

This equipment is the perfect solution to minimize heat loss during loading and unloading of fresh (0°C – 5°C) and cold products. (-0°C – -45°C).

The Campisa recessed loading bay consist of: 

  • a loading ramp with a 1000 mm telescopic spout, 
  • an overhead sectional door that closes in front of the ramp and 
  • a loading shelter.

"Our recessed bay offers a thermal resistance higher than one allowed by the coefficient of the panel itself. This is thanks to the design of our sealing entryway capable of eliminating heat loss."


These isothermal portals, equipped with ramp, sectional door and insulated sealant, allow total thermal insulation of the internal environment of a cold store from the external areas.



  • breaking the cold chain;
  • thermal dispersion;
  • deteriorating fresh and cold products;
  • avoiding higher energy costs;
  • unsafety rushing flows of loading and unloading operations.  

The Campisa recessed loading points also guarantee maximum resistance to the mechanical stress due to loading and unloading operations, thanks to certified and innovative materials such as S355 steel.


Technical details of isothermal portals for cold logistics.

The Campisa recessed loading bay is made by a prefabricated dock 50cm (20 inches) wider than the ramp.

Construction is very fast, simple and does not require any casting. The door always closes against the horizontal panel under the ramp. The system is simplified by the shape of the sectional door which has a reduced bottom part and does not require side “pockets”.

Inside the building, the sectional door closes against the insulating panel sealing completely.

This system allows operating in perfect safety because the para-falls remain at the internal floor level and the absence of sliding side pockets eliminates the risks of injuries to the operator.

The Fidelity system for the hydraulic lifting of the door guarantees perfect closure, sealing the entire loading point.

The thickness of the door changes according to thetemperature requested for fresh or cold products.

Loading bay insulation:

  • Sectional doors for (fresh) products are 40mm thick (thermal transmission coefficient K = 0.50 W / m²K).
  • Sectional doors for (cold) products, from –15°C to – 45°C are 80mm thick (thermal transmission coefficient K = 0.26 W / m²K).

According to the “CPD 89/106 EEC Directive for Construction Products, implemented by the European Standard EN 13241-1” the calculation of the thermal resistance must be calculated for the complete isothermal portal and not only on the door panel (see Annex B).

Campisa offers three types of sealants that insulate the space between the vehicle and the loading bay. These sealants are specifically designed to eliminate heat dispersion:

Retractable sealantSeals air flows and has a low insulating power. It is our solution for “fresh products” (0°C/5°C) when the external temperature varies between -0°C and 25°C.

Pillow SealantSeals air flows and has high insulating power. It’s indicated for “cold products”, with internal temperatures from -15°C to -45°C. The upper horizontal cushion can be fixed or adjustable in height. In case of vehicles with lower heights the upper cushion can be adjusted, narrowing the opening of the loading bay by 15/20 cm.

Inflatable sealantSeals air flows and insulates perfectly. Excellent for “cold products”, with internal temperatures from -15°C to -45°C.

It adapts to vehicles of different heights and adheres perfectly to all sides of each vehicle.

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