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Loading bay sealants: which ones to choose?

Pubblicato il 27 February 2023
Loading bay sealants: which ones to choose?

Sealants are an essential element of loading docks, as they are designed to thermally insulate the spaces between the vehicle and the docks, facilitating them during loading and unloading operations.

In the new Campisa article, we find out what are the types of sealants for mouths and loading points and which model to choose, based on specific company needs.


The sealants and isothermal portals are the ideal solution for sectors that need to repair and keep the goods handled on the loading docks insulated from atmospheric agents.

For example, just think of the large-scale distribution sector; in this case, the presence of sealants is of absolute importance to guarantee both the protection of the products and to ensure maximum energy savings.

Campisa’s research and development team has designed 3 types of sealants, specifically designed to respond to the problems of insulation and energy saving on loading bays.

This type of sealant is made up of two frames connected to each other with 4 pantograph arms, and allows you to insulate and seal the rear part of the vehicle docked at the loading mouth.

Its retractable structure protects the quay in the event of collisions caused by the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle impacts on the sealant, this is able to pack and absorb the impact, and then return to the extended position without any damage.

Furthermore, the ridge of our retractable sealants is equipped with a drainage channel which allows the drainage of rainwater; in this way, the risk of formation of puddles of water which could fall inside the building and on the goods during their handling is avoided.

Retractable sealants.

The cushion sealant for inlets is made up of a horizontal cushion in expanded polyurethane placed in the upper part of the structure, adjustable in height, and by two other vertical side cushions.

With this system, the vehicle moves back with the doors open towards the loading dock and compresses itself against the three cushions to completely insulate the interior of the vehicle and the building.

This type of sealant is the specific solution for warehouses and cold rooms, as it allows perfect thermal insulation, eliminating any risk of heat loss that could damage the products handled.

Pillow sealants

Similar in structure to cushion sealants, inflatable dock shelters consist of three cushions which, via a fan, inflate to seal the vehicle.

When the vehicle docks at the loading bay, the blower inflates the sealant, leaving only the space between the sectional door and the vehicle door open.

Once the loading and unloading operations have been completed, the fan switches off and the cushions return to their original position.

Inflatable sealants


How much do loading bay sealers cost?

Establishing a cost in advance is not possible, as Campisa designs all its products tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

For this reason, we invite you to request your personalized quote by filling out the contact form below.

In 24 hours, one of our representatives will take care of contacting you to provide you with all the information you need to decide and plan an on-site consultancy .