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Sustainable logistics: meaning, objectives and advantages

Pubblicato il 16 January 2023
Sustainable logistics warehouse

Campisa ‘s 2023 begins with one of the most important corporate issues: sustainable logistics.

Today as never before, the concept of sustainability for companies is a key element to undertake in order to limit the environmental impact of production activities and open up to new development opportunities.

Let’s analyze together the details of sustainable logistics and what are the advantages of relying on a company certified for environmental sustainability.


Sustainable logistics, or green logistics, refers to the set of policies and measures adopted by a company to operate in compliance with environmental regulations.

Energy used, water consumption, gas emissions, land occupation, etc., are just some of the aspects to be taken into consideration when adopting new measures to adapt business processes, and with new tools; among these are electric mobility and renewable energies.

In fact, green logistics can be defined as a supply, purchase and sales chain that meets environmental sustainability, and is able to offer solutions for the transport, delivery and recycling of products, in order to optimize waste and costs .

In order to be included in the concept of sustainable logistics, companies must operate in these four directions:

  • Reduce soil, water, noise and air pollution
  • Measure all internally produced emissions (carbon and greenhouse gases)
  • Use resources intelligently and rationally, recycling waste materials as much as possible
  • Create a “green” chain in which all products and their packaging respect the environment.
Sustainable logistics warehouse


Good sustainable logistics works to have a lower environmental impact as a goal . Among the ways of organizing one’s company in these terms is that of having the supply chain connected with the territory, solving problems relating to mobility and environmental compatibility.

In this way, making use of green logistics, it will be possible to reduce company costs and optimize consumption with the recycling and reuse of goods.


Did you know that turning to a sustainable and certified company allows you to enhance your corporate image and enjoy numerous advantages in bureaucratic terms?

Campisa is always careful to pursue the regulations in force in compliance with sustainability. For this reason, we are among the first companies in Italy to hold the prestigious EPD environmental certification.

Our loading bay equipment is manufactured with the utmost attention to the environment.

We use zero impact materials and construction technologies, to guarantee a high-performance product that respects the environment.

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