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Prefabricated Pit VS Pit in Traditional Building. Which one to choose to make a loading point?

Pubblicato il 13 February 2020
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Campisa brand among the 100 exhibitors at the Spanish fair of automatic doors

The Building Pit is a fundamental element for the construction of a loading point on the quay. In fact, it represents the “container” in which the dock levellers will be positioned.

The traditional system involves the construction of the pit through expensive construction works, which require a lot of time and a lot of money. However, this is the base of the entire structure, and its installation is indispensable.

Precisely because of its important and fundamental role in the loading and unloading systemCampisa, in order to facilitate its realization, designed its own Prefabricated Pit.

What’s it about?

It is necessary to underline the importance of the pit, but equally necessary to list its almost negative aspects.

First of all, the cost of the material is rather heavy, especially if multiplied by a large number of realizations.

To the cost of the material is added to the labor; in fact, the estimated time for the construction of a single pit in traditional construction is 5 hours and 15 minutes (for recessed bays the estimated time is 8 hours for each pit).

Leaving aside the costs for a second, as we have been able to see, even the timing does not offer discounts. Especially because the construction of a pit in traditional construction is a precision job, with a very high risk of error, as the welds are made on site.

Campisa brand among the 100 exhibitors at the Spanish fair of automatic doors

To minimize risks and maximize results, Campisa has designed its own Prefabricated Pit.


With the Campisa Prefabricated Pit, the huge time saving allows first of all to build more loading points in a single day (estimated 12 building pits a day instead of 2 built with the traditional system). Consequently, we will have a considerable saving of money, precisely because the only expense will consist in procuring the material.

The Campisa Prefabricated Pit is simple to assemble and does not require masonry and welding work, in this way the risk of error is less, also giving the possibility of being able to work in a more orderly and clean environment.

Moreover, it is completely galvanized, so as to avoid degradation of the material over time, further halving the need for labor in the immediate and future.

The Campisa Prefabricated Pit is excellent for creating any loading bay. In fact, its composition is perfectly suited to both standard and recessed bays, which generally require much more time and manpower.

The main differences between Campisa Prefabricated Pit and Traditional Building Pit are illustrated below:

The comparison leaves no doubt: the Campisa Prefabricated Pit saves time, manpower and money. Getting an excellent result quickly and easily, and keeping the workplace clean and tidy.

Are you still undecided about which solution to choose to build your loading point?