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The Fidelity® Console is an electrohydraulic unit that provides power to the motorization. It can serve a single unit (per example a sectional door) or two units (p.e. two doors or a door and a loading ramp).

The console combines in one unit: engine, tank and controls and can be fixed to the wall, at approximately 1.5 m from the ground, inside the building. Perfectly safe and proven tested in our factory, the Fidelity® console has all the necessary safety systems: maximum pressure valve, oversized oil tank, manual pump, necessary for the correct operations.

When two units are connected to the system, the Console allows them to operate one at a time, for safety reasons.

The centralized consoles are installed inside the loading bay and can operate two hydraulic units, like the sectional door and the loading ramp. All the hydraulic connection pipes protected by steel conduits.

The loading ramp is interlocked with the door to prevent risk of collision with traffic on the ramp when the door is fully open.

The centralized console can be used both with a sectional door and with a loading ramp c/w a beam or telescopic lip. The ramp controls are managed as “dead man” for maximum safety.

The console for a door and a ramp with telescopic lip can have an automatic re-entry system.

The Fidelity® electro-hydraulic console by Campisa is a control unit that contains a distribution system suppliing pressurized oil.

The buttons on the controls are:

  • Lifting and lowering of the door, which can be dead-man, semi-automatic or automatic.
  • For loading docks, we generally recommend installing an automatic door control when rising the door and dead man control when lowering.


When the space on the wall, for the console, is limited, a pedestal standalone unit can be installed, anchored directly to the floor and easily approachable.


Provides a smart solution when mounting the Fidelity® system on insulated walls with insulating panels.

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