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Campisa on Best Practice UK, UK press reference for industry

Pubblicato il 17 September 2020

Recently, Campisa was mentioned by the well-known British trade magazine ‘Best Practice UK’ which deals mainly with industrial issues in Europe.

Their publications circulate 5,000 printed copies on a national basis to around 15,000 readers with online promotions.

Each edition updates readers with current trends and developments,  as well as new products and services launched on the market making their publications a point of reference for innovative solutions.

Campisa has become synonymous with innovation with an emphasis on sustainability thanks to the design features of it’s unique product range.

Campisa products for sustainable logistics

For over 50 years, Campisa has been working on the enhancement of technology to support logistics, focusing mainly on loading bays.

Over the years, the list of Campisa products and accessories has evolved considerably to meet every type of need in the logistics sector; here are the main items of the wide range:

  • Insulated sectional overhead doors, for both the loading bay and level entry, a key element for energy saving and safety;
  • A wide and varied range Dock Levellers and shelters and equipment for loading and unloading of goods;
  • Accessories for the loading bay, such as dock bumpers, dock-lights, traffic lights and integrated docking solutions to ensure dock bay safety;
  • Hydraulic power units such as Fidelity, an electro-hydraulic centralized console for operating the sectional door and and dock leveller;
  • Special safety systems for loading bays.