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Campisa loading bays: Italian excellence for the logistics field

Pubblicato il 8 May 2023
Campisa loading bays: Italian excellence for the logistics field

Loading docks are the essential element in logistics centers to allow for the correct movement of goods from the building to the transporter vehicle.

They consist of 3 pieces of equipment:

  • Loading ramp
  • Sectional door
  • Sealant

These 3 elements allow the safe and fast movement of goods between the warehouse and the vehicle, without the risk of error and with maximum energy performance.

For 50 years, Campisa has been the market leader in loading docks in Italy and in the world, supplying the best patented equipment for docks and loading points.

Here are more details.


Our Project Assistant department is in charge of following the customer in all the design phases, to guide him in choosing the best solutions for his type of business.

The objective is the reduction of costs during the design phase, investing in innovative products with low energy impact, but at the same time safe and performing.

Here are our products that make up our loading docks:

They are designed to compensate for the differences in height between the warehouse platform and the height of the vehicle platforms.

Thanks to an advanced technology that controls our ramps, the highest levels of safety are achieved for the operators who work in contact with them.

Finally, the use of S355 steel for the construction of the loading ramps gives them maximum structural solidity which guarantees durability over time against damage and above all rust, thanks to the innovative epoxy powder coating system.

Ramps and platforms for loading and unloading

Our European patent for Fidelity® has allowed our company to become a point of reference on the international market.

Thanks to this system consisting of an electro-hydraulic console, we supply a single product capable of activating both the ramp and the sectional door quickly and safely; all with a single command.

The Fidelity® system also allows maintenance costs to be reduced to a minimum, as it replaces the traditional and dangerous spring system for opening industrial doors.

Campisa products fidelity doors

Our sectional doors are the result of careful research into the best insulating materials, to ensure maximum performance in terms of insulation.

For this reason, choosing a Campisa loading bay closure means obtaining advantages in terms of energy savings and efficiency, especially in food and cold chain situations.

Campisa products industrial doors

To complete the loading and unloading bay, our technical pool has developed 3 types of sealants to guarantee perfect insulation during the docking phase of the vehicle on the quay.

The sealant connects the vehicle to the building and protects operators and goods during logistics operations.

Campisa products dock house

The Prefabricated Pit is another flagship product in our catalogue. It allows you to eliminate all building works and therefore reduce the time required for the construction of industrial loading docks.

This carpentry frame is inserted directly into its seat in the masonry building, and the loading ramp is subsequently installed inside it.

Thanks to this system you get: safe and fast installation, 30% reduction of building preparations, construction performance for maximum duration and resistance over time.

Prefabricated pit


Thanks to a design system entirely created ad hoc based on specific needs, Campisa is able to provide tailor-made solutions to adapt to all business contexts.

For this reason, our loading bays adapt to all logistics centers as each component is designed starting from the place of installation, to adapt to the spaces and adapt to the structural constraints.


Did you know that Campisa has the most up-to-date environmental certifications?

We have recently updated our prestigious EPD environmental certification.

Our company operates through intelligent production systems capable of safeguarding the environment and reducing industrial waste.

In this way, we not only provide high-performance products, but also environmentally friendly ones that allow the companies that purchase them to save money and contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem.


By relying on Campisa, you will come into contact with professionals in logistics and industrial warehouse management.

We design and build loading docks in Italy and in the world thanks to a dense and structured commercial network.

In this way, we are able to provide assistance and support to our customers for the construction of new loading and unloading pits for trucks .

Take advantage of the contact form below to request a free quote and find out the prices of Campisa loading bays.

Alternatively, you can call the free toll-free number and speak directly with one of our technicians with whom you can schedule a meeting at your business.