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14th November 2015: Milan’s “Lilla Metro” M5 was born. Campisa in the front line with its Campisafire

Pubblicato il 14 November 2019
Campisa in the front line with its Campisafire

On November 14th 2015, with the opening of the Tre Torri station, the Milan M5 underground line (lilac line) was officially inaugurated.

Despite some bureaucratic obstacles, that prevented Milan from completing the work within the established times, citizens were able to take advantage of the new driverless vehicle right away.

Great emotion for the Campisa team, invited to the inauguration of the new metro line after the installation of its Campisafire long the whole gallery.


The city of Milan for the new M5 line has chosen the exclusive range of Campisa capable of withstanding fire for 180 minutes at a temperature of 1200°.

The innovative Campisafire system, being characterized by a hydraulic lifting system, allows not to release toxic gases in the environment.

Today, 14th November 2019, Campisa remembers with satisfaction the work done four years ago, and we are proud to have participated in the inauguration of the first driverless metro line in the city of Milan.